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By sponsoring Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2013, your company and products have access to one of the most vibrant sectors of Wisconsin's economy. In recent years, Wisconsin agriculture employment has stabilized and output increased (particularly dairy). More than 78,000 farms in the state operate more than 15 million acres of land. Every new dollar of agricultural income generates another $1.24 in state income and every job in agriculture supports an additional .89 job elsewhere in the state economy.

  • This event is a non-profit event and all activities are either funded by sponsors or individual contributions. Your decision to support Wisconsin Farm Technology Days 2013 helps this important segment of the economy:
  • You can reach more than 80,000 event attendees many of whom are directly involved in production agribusiness.
  • Farming is the focus, but attendees are involved in all sectors of agriculture support including equipment, food processing, seeds, lending, technology and more. Local, regional and national businesses will attend and exhibit products and services in the "tent city."
  • Sponsors have a unique opportunity to link their brand with Wisconsin's strongest legacy industry-farming. Patrons also support the innovation and modernization of the agriculture industry and link their organizations to the future of agri-business.
  • More than 80% of attendees live and do business in a 100 mile radius of the Barron County location. In 2013, attendees will represent one of the most agriculturally healthy and prosperous areas within the state of Wisconsin.
  • Wisconsin farms do more than supply the nation with food; they are family-owned, small businesses that hire, purchase goods and services.

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